Company presentation

Fluves is a team of 7 enthousiastic and innovative engineers. We combine expertise in hydraulics, electro-mechanics, photonics and IT:

  • Thomas Van Hoestenberghe has 15 years of experience in industrial and environmental monitoring projects. He coordinates Fluves’ projects.
  • Roel Vanthillo manages the electro-mechanical and automation topics of the products and projects.
  • Daan Renders performs GIS-analyses and models hydrodynamic and geomorphological processes based on the monitoring data.
  • Johan Van de Wauw is data scientist and software engineer.
  • Manly Callewaert is chemist with a lot of expertise in photonics technology.
  • Sacha Gobeyn is a bio-engineer who loves coding & modeling. His passion is to develop tools that can help solve problems or support decision management.
  • Niels De Vleeschouwer is a bio-engineer specialized in distributed hydraulic and hydrologic models and data statistics.


Fluves is a member of these associations:


Thomas Van Hoestenberge

Van Hoestenberghe


Daan Renders

Johan Van de Wauw

Sacha Gobeyn

Manly Callewaert

Niels De Vleeschouwer


Marlinks wins EU BlueInvest

Marlinks, our offshore cable company, has won the #BlueInvest 2018 award from the EC! Marlinks on stage    

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Several vacancies for Fluves & Marlinks

Check Fluves/jobs and Marlinks/jobs!

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Sacha Gobeyn joins Fluves

  Sacha's passion is to develop software tools that can help solve problems or support decision management. He is a PhD bio-engineer with a  passion …

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Fluves starts the brand ‘Marlinks’ for their offshore products

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

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Fluves welcomes two new colleagues

We're happy to welcome Daan Renders and Johan Van de Wauw as Fluves team members. Daan is our modeling expert. Johan is data scientist with a background in geology.…

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We’re hiring!

We are looking for an all-round engineer who combines a passion for measuring techniques with data science knowledge. You want to become part of our start-up…

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Fluves selected for iStart

Fluves was selected in Juin 2016 for the iStart program of iMinds.  We're happy with the coaching & funding!  

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Belgian Offshore Days

Fluves presents it's technology at the second edition of the Belgian Offshore Days, Thursday April 21st in Ostend, Belgium. Organized by the 'Belgian Offshore Cluster', all…

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Burial depth monitoring system installed in Flanders

Fluves installed in october 2015 a system to measure continuously the burial depth of a cable for the Flemish Environmental Agency (VMM). A hybrid cable, combining power & fiber…

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Fluves wins tender for mobile monitoring stations

Fluves wins a project for the installation of mobile monitoring stations for the VMM. These stations will measure and store parameters related to river management such as…

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Fluves joins startit@KBC

Fluves was selected to join the incubator Startit@kbc Gent. More information on  

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  • Waterkluiskaai 5
    9040 Gent
  • T. +32 9 346 85 30
  • T. +32 470 19 35 50
  • BTW BE 0563.781.222