Van Hoestenberghe


Daan Renders

Johan Van de Wauw

Sacha Gobeyn

Manly Callewaert

Niels De Vleeschouwer

Thijs Lanckriet

Stijn Van Hoey

Arnout Roukaerts

Davy Depreiter

Brenda De Blander

Company presentation

Fluves wants to make the world more sustainable by optimising water & energy flows through innovation. We are a team of enthousiastic engineers, combining expertise in hydraulics, electromechanics, photonics and IT.

  • Thomas Van Hoestenberghe has 15 years of experience in industrial and environmental monitoring projects. He coordinates Fluves’ projects.
  • Roel Vanthillo manages the electro-mechanical and automation topics of the products and projects.
  • Daan Renders performs GIS-analyses and models hydrodynamic and geomorphological processes based on the monitoring data.
  • Johan Van de Wauw (PhD) is data scientist and software engineer.
  • Manly Callewaert (PhD) is chemist with a lot of expertise in photonics technology.
  • Sacha Gobeyn (PhD) is a bio-engineer who loves coding & modeling. His passion is to develop tools that can help solve problems or support decision management.
  • Niels De Vleeschouwer is a bio-engineer specialized in distributed hydraulic and hydrologic models and data statistics.
  • Thijs Lanckriet (PhD) is a civil engineer with 10 years experience in monitoring and modeling marine hydro- and morphodynamic processes. He coordinates the ocean engineering projects for Fluves.
  • Stijn Van Hoey (PhD) is a bioscience engineer with a large IT affinity. He knows as no other to bring structure in complex IT matters for water & energy markets.
  • Arnout Roukaerts (PhD) is a chemical engineer who manages our water quality projects.
  • Davy Depreiter (PhD) is an experiencied scientist and project manager with strong IT-expertise. He works as an external consultant for Fluves on a large dike monitoring project.
  • Brenda De Blander is responsible for all administrative topics.


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