Aqua4C fish farm

Flow and turbidity


to optimize

water treatment

Deinze, Belgium

The Aqua4C fish farm facility is unique in its focus on sustainability. Through a highly eco-friendly breeding process that involves collaboration with a tomato farm next door, it brings a new type of fish  ( to the BENELUX market.

Their operational processes are highly automated, which involves a lot of controlling and monitoring. In 2015 and 2016, Fluves was asked to supply several cost-effective monitoring systems.

For flow measurements, acoustic sensors provide easy to install solutions to measure flow in conduits of various diameters as well as flow velocity.

Turbidity measurements were necessary to provide insights in the physico-chemical processes of the settling tanks. Different optical turbidity (OBS) devices (Campbell Scientific) were used to verify the settling evolution.

With the results, the schemes in the settlement tanks could be optimized, resulting in a more efficient water treatment of the fish farm.