Cap monitoring – Flanders

Bathymetry was measured

every hour, every m²

case Flanders

By installing sediment traps in rivers, the Flemish Environmental Agency (VMM) increases the efficiency of the dredging operations needed. VMM requires a comprehensive measurement of the temporal and spatial evolution of sedimentation in its sediment traps. In 2015 and 2016 Fluves measured the bathymetry for every hour and every m² of a sediment trap, using fiber optic distributed temperature sensing (DTS) technology.

With DTS, we meticulously map out the thermal parameters along the fiber optic cable that can be linked to bathymetrical heights. All data is pushed on a web platform that includes automatic data analysis.

Over 2 kilometers of cable was installed in an extremely robust system, low in operational maintenance. It is still operational to date (end of 2018). The VMM uses the detailed morphodynamic information to optimize the dredging cycle of the trap and to improve the design of future sediment traps.