Monitoring stations

Flood tracking

VMM, Flanders

Flemish Environmental Agency (VMM) measures and controls the quantity and quality of surface water, groundwater and sediments in Flanders (Belgium).
To manage the unnavigable Flemish waterways, VMM needs mobile monitoring stations to map out water height and river discharge on various rivers for a limited period of time.

Numerous gauging stations keep a close watch on the Flemish watercourses. They continuously register water levels, flows and precipitation. For some locations, the water flow only needs to be monitored for a certain period of time. Instead of installing permanent measuring stations, Fluves created a more cost-efficient solution using mobile versions, independent from current supply or telecom cables.

These Fluves custom-built stations have advanced logging units and radar sensors to measure the water height and flow. The stations communicate through GPRS and are powered by solar panels.
The data they harvest are to be integrated in the database, and is used to track and prevent floods in Flanders.