Fluves is an expert engineering company, operating in water and utility markets. By linking computing skills to cutting-edge photonics and sensor knowledge, we deliver end-to-end services for water and asset management.

Optimize your water & energy flow

We want to make the world more sustainable by optimising water & energy flows through innovation!

Water and energy management can be so much smarter through sensor-based networks. Whereas the current operational models are often based on a small dataset, the Fluves sensor technology and data analytics expertise drastically increases the spatial and temporal resolution ánd reliability of water sensor data.


Sensor platforms and data analytics

Wireless sensor platforms or fiber optic sensing cables capture data in rivers, sewers, pipelines, dikes or other assets. Take a look on our sensors and services.

Data mining and analytics are subsequently used to extract patterns and relationships. Fluves develops customized monitoring software for visualization, alarming and reporting. Take a look on Cable risk dashboard or IoW Dashboard for an example.

The sensor data is used to optimize and calibrate operational models. In doing so, Fluves often creates partnerships with universities and research institutions.

For whom

Our clients today are major contractors, engineering companies and governmental agencies.

Take a look on our projects for our references and clients.