Easy access to the right information is essential in reducing impacts and risks before, during and after events. Fluves offers  ‘end-to-end’ services to governments, contractors and engineering companies. Our services are focused on cost-effectiveness, both for water and asset management.

Water management

We take water management to the next level. Sensor data are automatically transferred to web-based support systems or used as input for operational models. Whether you are responsible for a river, a delta, a sewer or a dike, the Fluves solutions enable you to make well-informed decisions for the analysis and sustainable management of your water resources.

Based on the data and our expertise, Fluves develops numerical and physical models for water management. We offer simulation products to model processes such as water flow, erosion, sedimentation or leakage in coastal waters, estuaries, rivers, in rural and urban areas.

Reference projects: Bathy SFO, Sediment Monitoring, Continuous Bathymetrical Monitoring, Monitoring Stations, Port Sedimentation India


Asset management

Assets that are properly cared for will last much longer than those that are mistreated. Fluves collects the necessary data to understand the operating condition of your assets. With our expertise in cutting-edge photonic and acoustic sensors, our solutions are perfectly suited to monitor long distances, such as pipeline and cable trajectories. We focus on the soil- and water-related processes for your assets, such as flow, leakage or deformation.

Once we have equipped your assets with Fluves sensors, our software and dashboards will monitor its situation. By configuring thresholds and smart algorithms, we can add value to all data sources, create traffic light colored thematic maps and graphs, or configure alert levels and system reports.

Reference projects: Pipeline Integrity JDN, Aqua4C